Principal’s Message

Sanskar Mandir Sanstha’s Arts and Commerce College has completed 20 years and over a period of time has grown into a major educational institution. The college has laid guidelines for its various stakeholders such as teachers, students, office staff and parents. It gives me a sense of gratification and pleasure that the college has released its Handbook of Code of Conduct which dwells on the dos and don’ts pertaining to all the stakeholders.

The handbook clearly outlines the instructions and set of procedures to be followed by the principal, teachers, students and other staff members to ensure a smooth and healthy functioning of the college. Order and discipline and sincerity of purpose should be the hallmark of any educational institution.

I hope that the stakeholders will strive to abide by the code of conduct and will contribute to college’s growth and potential.

Dr. Rajendra Thorat


Students being the first stakeholders possess the prime important place in any educational institution. Their overall development is the topmost priority of our college and in this respect, the college has laid a few guidelines for them. All the students are expected to follow the below-mentioned instructions-


All the students are instructed to carry their identity cards whenever they are on the college premises.

The I-card should be clearly visible at the time of entry into the college.

In case of the loss of I-Card the student should immediately report it to his/her HOD and the office staff with an application.


Students are supposed to attend all the lectures on time. They are not supposed to loiter in the campus mindlessly whenever free.

Smoking, chewing of tobacco in any form (pan masala, gutkha, etc.) and drinking are strictly prohibited within the college campus.

Any kind of hooliganism on the college premises will not be tolerated at all. Any such activity will be considered a serious offense and the student is liable to be suspended or rusticated.

Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in the campus and must not litter.

Students should ensure that no damage should be done to any college property and the same shall be considered as a punishable offense.

Use of the internet, computers, laptops, and tablets by the students within the college campus, must be strictly restricted to the academic purpose only.

Attendance is mandatory for all the students in the induction meeting chaired by the principal or convened by the department on the commencement of an academic session.


All the students are expected to adhere to strict discipline without causing any inconvenience to their fellow students while availing of the facility of the college library. Any loss or damage of a book or a magazine is liable to be punished by a fine.

Theft or stealing of any magazine, book, or periodical from the college library can lead to the suspension of the student.

I-card is compulsory for all the students to issue the books.

All the rights regarding opening and closing timings of the library and the issuing of books are reserved to the library staff and the changes if any will be displayed on the notice board from time to time.

In case there is a requirement of any book/periodical by the student he/she should give a written application to the librarian for the same.

Complete silence is required from the students while they are sitting in the library.


Anti-Ragging Guidelines issued by UGC are enforced and students are made to compulsorily sign the declaration form at the beginning of the session.

Any act of mental or physical torture to a fellow student in any form is a punishable offense with the student liable for the suspension from the college.


Students found involved in any kind of unfair means at the time of examinations will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Govt. of Maharashtra Act. No. XXXI of 1982 and the Maharashtra University Act, 1994.

In case of copying the student is liable to punitive action as per the University rules. The gravity of the case and the punishment will be decided by the University. It can be a fine of 500 rupees or six months of suspension or both as per the University statuette.

If the student is found guilty, the provisional admission/examination form will stand automatically canceled and paid fees will not be refunded. Students involved in unfair practices can take admission of the college and fill up the examination form at their own risk and responsibility.


While appearing for the examination it is strictly prohibited to bring a mobile phone or any other expensive gadgets or valuables in the classroom. The loss of any will be solely on the student.


Teachers are the backbone of any educational institute. They impart values and ethics and help students turn into responsible citizens of the nation. Their knowledge, expertise, and character have a marked influence on the overall growth of the student. Along with the student’s teachers also

However, to maintain overall discipline and order they are expected to adhere to the following norms-


Teachers are supposed to be the mentors and guides to their pupils and therefore must inculcate in their students the necessary virtues which make them better human beings.

Teachers should adhere to a responsible pattern of conduct and demeanor since they are under the constant scrutiny of their students and also of society at large therefore their behavior should not reflect any incompatibility between their precepts and practice.

Teachers should display fairness and justice when dealing with their pupils setting aside the differences such as caste, gender, creed, and religion.

Teachers are expected to perform their duties with utmost dedication and sincerity such as taking lectures and practical on time.

Teachers are also expected to speak respectfully of their fellow colleagues in the institute and render assistance for professional betterment.

Teachers being also the custodians of discipline and integrity should know that the recovery of pay, of the whole or part of any pensionary loss caused to the college by negligence or breach of any lawful order of the Governing Body or otherwise can result in withholding of increments or withholding of career advancement or both. It can also lead to suspension and compulsorily retirement.

Teachers are not supposed to indulge in any malpractice such as tampering of records, stealing of journals or books, threatening or misguiding their students in any form. Such practices are considered to be punishable offenses.

Teachers are also detested from engaging in private tuitions and promoting his or her favorite student which smacks any partiality or bias.

Teachers are expected to adhere to the existing rules and regulations and methods consistent with their profession and respect the guidelines issued by the college management.


Teachers are encouraged to undertake activities that could enhance their promotion and growth such as conducting seminars, organizing workshops and conferences, etc.

Teachers should also engage in healthy and meaningful discussions with their students as well as the management body so that a conducive academic and social atmosphere is maintained.

Teachers must enroll themselves as members of professional organizations and other academic bodies so that there is always a scope for enhancement in their knowledge and outlook.

Teachers should possess the necessary acumen to recognize the difference in abilities and aptitude among students and strive to meet their individual needs.


The teacher should be present near his class 5 minutes before the commencement of his/her lecture and must devote the entire 45 minutes to the class and should not exit from the classroom early.

The teaching staff should make use of ICT tools for healthy and effective teaching.

The teacher should take special notice of the weak student and must devote some extra time to enhance his/her learning and understanding ability.


The staff should report at least 20 minutes before the commencement of the examination in the examination hall.

He or she should ensure strict discipline while performing the examination duty.

All exams (term end, midterm, practical, etc.) and assignments should be conducted as per the rules and regulations of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).


Teachers are expected to submit their academic performance/appraisal report in the prescribed form at the end of each academic session.

Teachers should publish books (including textbooks), have their articles/papers published in high quality and peer-reviewed national/international journals.

Apart from academics, the teachers should also conduct extra-curricular and other co-curricular activities to ensure the overall development of the students.


A teacher first and foremost shall treat all students on the principle of equality without reflecting any partiality or biases.

A teacher should attempt to inculcate moral values such as honesty, compassion and integrity amongst the students.

A teacher should help out his/her students in solving their academic problems and can also act as a facilitator in addressing their personal problems.

A teacher should strictly refrain from indulging in Anti-academic activities such as writing study guides available in the market, leaking out examination question papers, and allowing students to indulge in any spurious act such as copying or cheating during the examination.


The support or office staff acts as an important link to oversee all kinds of documentation connected with administration. They contribute significantly in maintaining the college as a premier institution. The office/support staff is expected to follow the following norms -


The support/office staff should acquaint themselves with the college policies and adhere to them to the best of their ability.

Each and every member of the support/office staff should come well dressed in the proper uniform assigned to him/her.

The support/office staff should strictly regulate his/her duties which have been officially assigned and not undertake any other job within the stipulated working hours.

The support/office staff should not allow themselves to indulge in any political or anti-secular activities which can hamper the smooth functioning of the college.

The support/office staff should not indulge in any disrespectful behavior with the teachers and students.

Punctuality and discipline are expected of them as like that of teachers and students.


The staff should ensure that the service book of all the teachers should be kept updated and properly maintained.

The staff should assist teachers in college work if the need arises as per the directions of the principal.

The Accounts department should prepare, examine and analyze accounting and other financial records and other financial statements from time to time.

The Accounts section should also ensure that the necessary documents and records related to various committees are systematically arranged and show no discrepancy.


The College believes in fostering a healthy relationship with the parents. Parents are in fact the first teachers and important stakeholders in the upbringing of the students. In order to stay in continuous contact with them the college organizes regular teacher-student-parent interactions. Parents are requested to take proper care of their wards and if problems persist can always take counsel from College Principal and teachers. All these efforts necessarily aim at building a healthier and ideal society.


The principal is supposed to contribute to the academic growth of the institution/college. Faltering on this aspect can lead to his suspension/removal.

The principal is expected to participate in the teaching, research, and training programs of the college.

The principal also supervises the admissions and maintains discipline in the college. A lackadaisical approach on this part can call for some strict action against him/her.

The principal sees to it that all accounts receipts of maintenance and expenditure is transparently maintained. Any irregularity or discrepancy can have a serious consequence.

The principal is expected to adhere to Observance of the Act, Statutes, Ordinance, Regulation, Rules, and Orders issued thereunder by the university authorities and bodies from time to time. Any deviation from this will be strictly unacceptable.

The principal is also entrusted with the supervision of examination, setting of question papers and assessment of answer papers, and other such work pertaining to the examination in the college.

The principal is also supposed to properly maintain the self-assessment reports of teachers and their service books.

The principal will also take into account any other work related to the college/institution relating to the administration of the institute as may be assigned to him/her by the Management from time to time.