About Us

“Sanskar Mandir Sanstha” was established in 1988. creation of a formative society. The only purpose of this society as a social work and political leader of this area, Mr. Dilip Barate (Founder. President of Sanskar Mandir Sanstha ) is well aware of all the challenges. A visionary by nature he aspired for the social reformation which will include the social,economic, cultural and educational development of the society around him. To include all the values like honesty, courtesy, affection, sacrifice, patriotism etc. In today’s youngsters he started two schools and one senior college. Because he always believed that the destiny of the nation is being created in the classrooms.

We are in Arts & Commerce college warje, strive for including all the above mentioned values in our students.

Management Committee - Board of Directors

1 Mr. Dilip Prabhakar Barate Founder, President
2 Mr. Amar Sadashiv Barate Vice President
3 Sau. Shubhangi Dilip Barate Chairman
4 Mr. Vishal Balasaheb Thorat Secretary
5 Mr. Abhyuday Dilip Barate Joint secretary
6 Mr. Avinash Manohar Jadhav Treasurer
7 Mr. Haribhau Maruti Sutar Director

Our Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Kasbekar A.V. Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Prof. Thorat R.D. Assistant Professor
3 Prof. Patil R.J. Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Prof. Bhave D.G. Assistant Professor
5 Prof. Vidyasagar P.B. Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Prof. Shinde D.D. Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Prof. Muneshwar K.D. Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Prof. Giri S.A. Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Prof. Gaikwad L.G. Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Prof. Kangude L.L. Assistant Professor
11 Prof. Parase A.V. Physical Education Director
12 Prof. Trimukhe D.S. Librarian
13 Prof. Shinde S.M. Assistant Professor
14 Dr. Prof. Jagtap S.S. Assistant Professor
15 Mr. Harpale A.P. Head Clerk
16 Mr. Gorad S.V. Senior Clerk
17 Mr. Adsul N.R. Clerk
18 Mr. Barate S.B. Sevak
19 Mr. Shinde M.S. Library Attendent
20 Mr. Tupe A.N. Sevak
21 Mr. Mankar V.V. Sevak
22 Mr. Ishte B.L. Sevak


Arts & Commerce college, warje was established in 2000 by Sanskar Mandir Sanstha. The college completed in 16 years very successfully. The college started by keeping in mind the youngsters of rural area and by today we have created thousands well tread citizens and will keep doing is for all the Ming years. The emphasis of founders on sanskar is aptly reflected in all the activities that college used to conduct.

Vision & Mission

To create formative society by creating well tread citizens who will strive for over all betterment and development of people at large and nation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel to call us on (020) 25292851 or contact us.