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N.S.S. is a community service programs ponsored by the ministry of human resource development, Department of youth affairs and sports, New Delhi. The motto of N.S.S. is ‘Not me But you’. Objective of N.S.S. is development of the personality of students through comity services.
      N.S.S. unit of Arts & Commerce college warje was started in 2003 with about students. Presently the N.S.S. unit consists of students with about 50% participation of girl students.
N.S.S. program officers.

1Asst Prof:.Shinde S.M.(NSS Program Officer)
2. Asst Prof:-Giri Sanjay (co.NSS Program Officer) .


Programs Held Under N.S.S.

  • Celebration of teacher’s day.
  • Celebration of various birth as well as deathanniversaries.
  • Blood donation camp.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Celebration of youth week.
  • Health awareness week.
  • Survey of child labor around warje area.
  • Kanyaratanaabhiyaan.
  • Police mitraAbhiyaan.

One of the most important programs held under N.S.S. is 10 days winter camp. During this camp, activities such as shramadar,tree plantation, cleaning of schools and various important places of that particular town, construction of roads, survey, Naturewalk, Rallies, guest lecture etc. are undertaken every year.


Student Persolality Development Scheme.

Asst Prof:-Pranjali B. Vidyasagar

Under this special program designed by University Of Pune Various activities are conducted for the development of students. They are as follows

1. Earn& Learn scheme.
2. VidyarathiniVyaktimatvavikas.
3. Special Guidance Program.
4. Krantijyoti Savitrimata Phule Scholarship Scheme.


Cultural Activity Centre

Students from the cultural committee are engaged in organizing and celebrating various programs through out the year. They are mentioned below.

  • Welcome party for the fresher’s.
  • Celebration of teacher’s day.
  • Celebration of birth as well as death anniversaries of important national and international figures.
  • Celebration of various college days.
  • Send – Off Party for the last year students.


Along with all there happenings the students also participate in local state and national level competitions held by various colleges.
There ever generate interests and awareness about various topics and happenings around them in the minds of students which will ultimately help for the overall development of students.